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An Homage to Hamantashen 

In the beginning, there was mun. And it was good. Mun, sometimes spelled mohn, is the Yiddish word for sweet poppy seed jam. It was a key ingredient in many Eastern European baked goods – from mohnbrötchen (poppy seed bread) to … Continue reading

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A Pithy Purim Post-Mortem

As holidays go, Purim is underrated. It got a little more attention this year than usual because Passover is so darn late, but Purim usually doesn’t get the holiday cred it deserves. With Purim there’s no need to cook and … Continue reading

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Let Them Eat Hamantashen

Purim is this Sunday, March 16. While we like the carnivals and the costumes, we love the hamantashen – both baking them and eating them. According to the world-famous, super useful, really fun to read Dictionary of Jewish Words, hamantashen literally … Continue reading

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Hamantashen Happiness

With Purim coming up this Saturday, Feb. 23, there is still time to bake hamantashen, the triangle-shaped, filled cookies that are iconic to this holiday. Haman is the bad guy in the story of Purim (Hamantashen is Yiddish for “Haman’s … Continue reading

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Prune or Cherry?

 Just like the drug stores put out school supplies in July, supermarkets sell hamantashen (the triangular-shaped Purim cookies) right after they clear out the Valentine’s chocolate. That’s why we thought Purim happened a month ago and we ate our yearly … Continue reading

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