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An Homage to Hamantashen 

In the beginning, there was mun. And it was good. Mun, sometimes spelled mohn, is the Yiddish word for sweet poppy seed jam. It was a key ingredient in many Eastern European baked goods – from mohnbrötchen (poppy seed bread) to … Continue reading

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Let Them Eat Hamantashen

Purim is this Sunday, March 16. While we like the carnivals and the costumes, we love the hamantashen – both baking them and eating them. According to the world-famous, super useful, really fun to read Dictionary of Jewish Words, hamantashen literally … Continue reading

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Hamantashen Happiness

With Purim coming up this Saturday, Feb. 23, there is still time to bake hamantashen, the triangle-shaped, filled cookies that are iconic to this holiday. Haman is the bad guy in the story of Purim (Hamantashen is Yiddish for “Haman’s … Continue reading

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