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Sephardic Seder Traditions to Try

Like almost 90 percent of American Jews, we are Ashkenazic. This means that our families came from Eastern Europe – Russia, Ukraine, Poland or Lithuania. When we get ready to celebrate Passover, we think gefilte fish, brisket, roasted chicken and pesachdik … Continue reading

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Passover Pilpul: Why is This Seder Different from All Other Seders

The modern American Seder is as varied as the families who gather to celebrate it. There are more than 1,600 Haggadot to choose from, including a hip-hop version for those who want to rap their Seder tunes, an ecological Haggadah … Continue reading

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Perusing the Pesachdik Products: New Tastes for an Ancient Holiday

While all Jewish holidays seem to be food-centered, Passover is about what you can’t eat. (OK, Yom Kippur, we are not talking about you. You’re in a league of your own.) With the holiday fast approaching – it begins this … Continue reading

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Pesach’s Coming: We Have Way More Than Four Questions…

We remember when macaroons only came in vanilla and chocolate. Now the supermarket display is stocked with chocolate almond, chocolate dipped, chocolate chip, chocolate chunk, and “doubley chocolate gluten-free.”   Choosing one is almost as confusing as deciding whether our … Continue reading

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Best If Used By. . . Expounding on Expiration Dates

Cleaning out the cabinets after Passover got us thinking about expiration dates. Do they matter? Should we pay attention to them? We didn’t bother to look for the expiration dates on those half-empty boxes of matzah meal and potato starch. … Continue reading

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Passover Here … and There

Looking ahead to winter and Hanukkah 2013 made us crazy. That’s because this year, the second night of Hanukkah will fall on Thanksgiving. In the playoff bracket of holidays, this is a tie. We love both of these holidays – … Continue reading

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8 Post-Passover Perspectives

This year, it was a very good Passover. So no kvetching…. just some reflections: 1) Collectively, we had 33 seder guests – who ate 80 matzah balls, 47 pieces of gefilte fish attractively topped with a little carrot garnish and … Continue reading

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