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A Little Love for Latkes

We’re thinking about latkes. Latkes (potato pancakes) usually appear on our dinner table once a year during Hanukkah. Last year Hanukkah started on Dec. 7, so our stomachs are telling us now is the time. But Jewish holidays drift along … Continue reading

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Some Pre-Passover Pondering

Passover is almost here and we have lots to ponder – After all these years of spreading peanut butter on matzah and pretending we are Sephardic, it’s now official! We can now legally eat kitniyot during Passover. This past  December … Continue reading

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A Pithy Purim Post-Mortem

As holidays go, Purim is underrated. It got a little more attention this year than usual because Passover is so darn late, but Purim usually doesn’t get the holiday cred it deserves. With Purim there’s no need to cook and … Continue reading

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10 Reasons Why Celebrating Both Jewish and Secular New Years is a Win-Win

This article first appeared in The Jewish Daily Forward on Sept. 22.  Illustrations by Dani E. Go.  How is the Jewish new year, Rosh Hashanah, different from that other New Year? Let us count down the ways. 10. Resolutions On secular … Continue reading

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Let Them Eat Hamantashen

Purim is this Sunday, March 16. While we like the carnivals and the costumes, we love the hamantashen – both baking them and eating them. According to the world-famous, super useful, really fun to read Dictionary of Jewish Words, hamantashen literally … Continue reading

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A Toast to Tu b’Shevat

Today is Tu b’Shevat – often called the New Year of the Trees. In social media land it’s also Throwback Thursday #TBT so we’ll celebrate both. The old fashioned name for the holiday, before modern Hebrew was widely spoken was … Continue reading

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A Once-in-a-Lifetime Reason to Celebrate

 What would Myles Standish think about playing dreidel right after he finished his pumpkin pie? Would Judah Maccabee enjoy a second helping of candied sweet potatoes? While these two historical figures are separated by thousands of years, their holiday stories … Continue reading

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