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Where Have All the Seasons Gone?

We had to stop at Staples the other day and we were surprised to find the aisles jammed. Excited kids were begging for 3-D dinosaur pencil tins and  the extra-large pack of Crayola crayons — “It comes with a sharpener!” — as … Continue reading

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We’re the Old People Now

When we moved from the city to the suburbs many years ago, our children were toddlers and we were young. Our neighbors were the old people – empty nesters, retirees, grandparents – who had lived in the same home for … Continue reading

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Teach Your Parents Well

When our children were young, we introduced them to the pleasures of our childhoods — from reading Goodnight Moon to riding a two-wheeler. We relished the chance to play with them and expand their horizons, but our horizons were limited to … Continue reading

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What’s for Dinner? Ibbigublibbin

Ibbigublibbin (say: ibby-guh-blibben) is the Yiddish word for leftovers – we think. We can’t remember who told us this, and we’re not sure how to spell it. It’s not in our dictionary and we can’t find it online. It’s likely … Continue reading

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Everything Old Is New Again

  This essay originally appeared last Sunday in the Philadelphia Inquirer     We’ve been around long enough so that when we hear about a new trend, we immediately think about the old-school version. That’s because everything old is eventually … Continue reading

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Cleaning Out the Closet

Now that we’re done cleaning out our kitchen cabinets for Passover and we’re back to eating chocolate chip cookies, we have turned our attention to the upstairs closets. Spring is here, which means it’s time to bring down the boxes … Continue reading

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8 Post-Passover Perspectives

This year, it was a very good Passover. So no kvetching…. just some reflections: 1) Collectively, we had 33 seder guests – who ate 80 matzah balls, 47 pieces of gefilte fish attractively topped with a little carrot garnish and … Continue reading

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