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We’re the Old People Now

When we moved from the city to the suburbs many years ago, our children were toddlers and we were young. Our neighbors were the old people – empty nesters, retirees, grandparents – who had lived in the same home for … Continue reading

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Time to Relive the Favorites of Summer

This article first appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer on Sunday, July 5. When we were kids, summertime meant: “Go outside and play.” Hopping on our three-speed Schwinn bikes gave us freedom. There was no need for helmets, no stranger danger. … Continue reading

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Baby Love

 At the end of October, the world’s population hit 7 billion. Countries around the world celebrated this milestone with lavish ceremonies for their newborn infants. For us it meant that when we turned on our TVs or read the newspaper … Continue reading

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St. Anthony and a Sock Pile

The F word is getting a lot of attention these days. It used to get you a ticket to detention. Now it’s a ticket to fame and fortune: Consider the picture book Go the F- to Sleep and Chef Gordon … Continue reading

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What’s My Age Again?

In our minds we are young, but the evidence is mounting that we are fooling ourselves: Our children are college-age, and we often feel like going to sleep when they feel like going out. We can’t believe that 1990 was … Continue reading

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