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Mandelbread and Kamishbread: Biscotti’s Jewish Cousins

When we walk into a coffee shop and see a glass jar filled with “biscotti,” we think it looks a lot like mandelbread. Why does the sign say biscotti – and why are they $3.75 each? We’ve written volumes about the … Continue reading

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You Give Us a Bad Name

A few weeks ago, a friend sent us a link to an article about a porn site. She was upset to see the name of our writers group – Playpen – in the news and not in a good way. … Continue reading

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We’re Expecting: A New Book About Bubbies

Happy post-Passover to all our family, friends and fans. We enjoyed our seders this year, although it was sort of an “off- year” for both of us. We were glad to see and feed (some) of our children. Grateful to … Continue reading

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Unpacking Passover Memories

The torch has been passed. We are the hosts of our family’s holiday celebrations and the keeper of the family heirlooms. At Rosh Hashanah, we dip apples in honey. At Hanukkah, we fry latkes and light the menorah. But at … Continue reading

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Have a Question? We Know People Who Know People

Now and then we receive e-mails from people who have questions for us: How do you fold a hamantashen into a triangle? What’s your favorite flavor of babka? What’s the difference between a shlemiel and a shlimazel? These are questions … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day the Old-Fashioned Way

On Valentine’s Day in fifth grade, we remember sitting at our desks anxiously awaiting the distribution of cards from a shoebox wrapped in red foil. We could count on getting valentines from our girlfriends. Maybe a handmade one with stickers … Continue reading

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We Don’t Resolve, We Evolve

This essay was first published on on Jan. 13, 2018. We know the new year has arrived because we can’t avoid the ads for gym memberships and Weight Watchers. But we will not be making resolutions. This is not … Continue reading

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