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Are We Too Old to Wear This?

Each spring, we bring our summer clothes down from the attic. We get reacquainted with the T-shirts and cotton pants that we lived without for six months. Could we live without them forever? Should we have ever lived with them? … Continue reading

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“Just Wait Till You Have Kids!”

As we watch our young next-door neighbor chase her two little boys around the backyard, we can’t help but notice she’s clutching her always-present phone, poised to take pictures. Her candid photos will be posted on Facebook by the end of the day. Twenty … Continue reading

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Time to Relive the Favorites of Summer

This article first appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer on Sunday, July 5. When we were kids, summertime meant: “Go outside and play.” Hopping on our three-speed Schwinn bikes gave us freedom. There was no need for helmets, no stranger danger. … Continue reading

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Teach Your Parents Well

When our children were young, we introduced them to the pleasures of our childhoods — from reading Goodnight Moon to riding a two-wheeler. We relished the chance to play with them and expand their horizons, but our horizons were limited to … Continue reading

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Mom 2.0

We love being moms. We loved it when our kids were little. We loved feeding them – broiling a lamb chop just for them, putting a dollar under their pillow from the tooth fairy, documenting their first steps, school concerts … Continue reading

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Rosh Hashanah: How Sweet It Is

It seems like we just washed the last of the sand out of our hair and made the annual pilgrimage to Staples for school supplies. But Rosh Hashanah, which literally means “head of the year,” is upon us: The Jewish … Continue reading

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Jewish Summer Food: There’s No Such Thing

Traditional Jewish food is comfort food – hot, heavy food. Fork-tender brisket with gravy. Glistening chicken soup with dense, sodden matzah balls floating around. Crispy, greasy fried latkes, steaming on the plate. So what do Jews eat when it’s 98 … Continue reading

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