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“Just Wait Till You Have Kids!”

As we watch our young next-door neighbor chase her two little boys around the backyard, we can’t help but notice she’s clutching her always-present phone, poised to take pictures. Her candid photos will be posted on Facebook by the end of the day. Twenty … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Remembrances: While you serve hot dogs, remember these dads who served our country

The convergence of Memorial Day and Father’s Day has got us thinking that the veterans we know best are older guys — our fathers, fathers-in-law, and Uncle Herman. An Army paratrooper, Herman jumped out of a plane and landed in … Continue reading

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What could be bad? A day for love…

 When we sat down to write something for Valentine’s Day, Joyce suggested we pen a  “shout out” to our ever-supportive, loving, handsome husbands. (She is the lovey-dovey one). When Ellen mentioned the potential topic to her husband, he reminded us, “Bad … Continue reading

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Our First Blogging Award

We were delighted to learn we were chosen to win a Beautiful Blogger Award by Stephanie Vincent on her blog Radical Hateloss. To claim our reward, we have to share with you 7 things about ourselves that you might not know. … Continue reading

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From Golf Bags to Diaper Bags –Happy Father’s Day!

In Hallmark’s online exhibit of Father’s Day cards through the years, we found one card from the 1960s that wished a “hippy, dippy Father’s Day to my groovy dad,” but there were far more that pictured Dads relaxing in an … Continue reading

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