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Gulliver’s Gate: It’s a Really, Really Small World After All

We were in New York earlier this month to pick up two awards that our book, The Whole Spiel, had won. As we walked down 44th Street on our way to the awards party, we stopped in Dubai, Thailand, and the … Continue reading

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Now with 30% more wit and sarcasm! … but no quinoa

Rice Chex cereal has always been 100 percent rice, but now it boasts that it’s gluten-free. It never had gluten. But now that gluten is on the no-fly list, being gluten-free is a bragging point. This would be like us … Continue reading

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It was recently big news in legal and banking circles when Citigroup, the American investment banking and financial services corporation, claimed to own the words “thank you” and filed suit against AT&T for infringing on its intellectual property. For many … Continue reading

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A New Baby Princess! We’re Enchanted

We are each mothers of a daughter. We were overjoyed to learn that Prince William and Kate’s second baby is a girl – Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. She is the first daughter born into the British monarchy in 25 years. … Continue reading

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The Internet Afterlife

Heaven is often depicted as a place in the sky where everything floats on beautiful clouds and people don’t age. Is it a coincidence that the Cloud where our electronic footprints dwell is a lot like this place?   On … Continue reading

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A Zissen Superbowl to You, too.

In preparation for Super Bowl Sunday, all the morning shows are touting recipes for pulled pork sliders, Velveeta queso dip, and barbecued cola meatballs – for epic snacking on the biggest football day of the year. Our menu is a … Continue reading

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Celebrity Rehab

We’ve never been fond of Lance Armstrong. It’s not the doping that upsets us. We don’t care about bike rides through the French Alps, and we think men who wear tight spandex shorts in public have other issues. But we … Continue reading

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