How Tweet It Is …..

Like any modern social-media mavens, The Word Mavens blog. (You know that because you’re here!) We surf, we google, we Facebook. We also tweet. One of us tweets from her iPhone. The other enjoys the fact that her phone is a hand-me-down from her child, thus she must tweet from an actual desktop computer. But we digress. We are waaay over our word limit already.

We were thrilled to sign on to our Twitter account yesterday and discover that we have three new followers – none of whom are relatives, all of whom are famous!

First, was Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller (, who presides over an online community “for people with good taste who are passionate about food.” We’re in that category. The site features contests, new products, holiday information, blogs, and loads of kosher recipes – traditional and modern. We’ve just started to explore the site; her Persian menu for Purim is intriguing, and we’re on our way out to buy ingredients for her Rich Warm Brownie Wedges With Java Cream.

Second was Angela Hoy, owner of, a self-publishing house. She’s also the editor of, an e-newsletter chock full of information, potential markets, classes and other useful tips for writers. Angela is a tireless advocate for writers’ rights: encouraging writers to get paid for what they write, to defend their material from copyright infringement, and to squeal on publications that treat writers poorly. We’ve written for Writers Weekly in the past and we’re delighted that Angela is following The Word Mavens.

Finally, we can only think that we must have mentioned kugel and knishes one too many times, because we were thrilled to find out that Joan Nathan (,  the renowned Jewish cookbook author, chef and food maven, is following our tweets. We’ve “known” Joan for years. We used Jewish Cooking in America as a reference when we wrote our Dictionary of Jewish Words. (Bibliography page 198.) And Joan, if you find your way to this page, you should know that Ellen still uses and loves her much-abused, 30-year-old, sauce-splattered copy of The Jewish Holiday Kitchen.

Joan has not been resting on her latkes. In the years since we received her cookbooks as wedding gifts, she’s written many more, including her latest: Quiches, Kugels and Couscous: My Search for Jewish Cooking in France.

So thanks for reading and tweeting, and with our mutual interests in writing and food, we look forward to turning our Twitter followers into cyberspace friends.


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One Response to How Tweet It Is …..

  1. Lisa Marks says:

    I do not know how to tweet..I do not know the difference between tweet and text…help me word mavens please…


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