The Dogs Must Be Jewish….

Visited a friend the other day who has two crazy Catalan sheepdogs. The dogs favorite treat is challah.

The dogs have learned that when the family sits at the dining room table,  they should sit and be good and they can expect a piece of challah; the dogs even seem to know that when the family starts to “bench” (sing the blessing after meals) chances of more food coming their way are slim.  O.K. Interesting, but not amazing so far. How does the mom call the dogs in from outside? She stands at the back door and  says the “motzi.”  The dogs come running.

The dogs must be Jewish.


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One Response to The Dogs Must Be Jewish….

  1. That is too funny! My girlfriend’s dog gets a piece of challah, toasted and buttered, every Saturday morning, as her Shabbat treat. Each Saturday morning she patiently waits by the toaster.


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