We Babka Chocolate…..

Just heard from my sweetie in Somerville. Jessie knows that her Mommy is always on the look-out for random misuse of Yiddish, so she snapped this photo for me in her local Panera Bread restaurant:

Oy! Although it’s not as bad as the large display of sparkling apple cider and plastic champagne glasses, arrayed in the supermarket above the sign urging us to “celebrate the Jewish New Year!”  — we’re generally not in favor of people turning nouns into verbs.  As in:  “Don’t disrespect us by lumping our beloved pastry with your bear-claws.”

This technically is Panera’s second offense; my MIL insists on calling the chain cafe, “La Panera” as if to embody it with a bit of Frenchified high-class when we take her there for a salad.

We like our babka chocolate from the deli without the “la.”


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