Happy Thanksgiving v’Yom Tov

The Word Mavens want to wish all our friends, family and followers (there are a few of you who don’t overlap) a very Happy Thanksgiving. Our next column will be an expose of the kosher meat industry, since Ellen just paid $81(!) for a 20 lb Empire turkey. Empire turkey was $3.99 a pound; regular birds are around a dollar a pound. So the kosher mark-up for a secular holiday is four times the normal price…. but we digress.
(If you’re going to Joyce’s house for Thanksgiving do not worry.  She didn’t buy a “regular bird.” She got an Amish bird that spent its childhood roaming happily around Lancaster County.)

We wanted to share a funny Thanksgiving related anecdote that just happened this week. And if you know The Word Mavens, you know all of our stories are true!

Ellen was talking to her sister’s mother-in-law, who would be joining her family for Thanksgiving dinner. MIL offered to bring something to dinner.

“How about sweet potato casserole?” MIL suggested.
“Well, that’s OK, but…” Ellen hesitated because her daughter was coming home from college and had dibs on making the sweet potato and marshmallow delight.
“No problem,” MIL responded. “If you don’t want sweet potatoes that leaves kasha varnishkes. I’ll bring the kasha varnishkes.”
We’re sure that’s just what Miles Standish said to Squanto.
“I’ll bring the kasha varnishkes.”

Happy Thanksgiving!

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2 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving v’Yom Tov

  1. David Scolnic says:

    It may not work for Miles and Squanto, but it works for me. I love kasha varnishkas!!!!


  2. Limner says:

    You never know. 😉


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