Doing the Mom thing….

Just a short note this week because The Word Mavens are busy traveling to the ends of the earth (really, just up and down the East Coast) to gather the tired and the poor, (really just our college kid children)  back home for at least part of the summer.  Next week we’ll have plenty to say about how their possessions are all over our front hallway and the laundry is piling up all over. But for now, we have to get to the supermarket to buy challah and chicken so we can make a nice Shabbat dinner for all those people who worked so hard last semester in calculus, econ. and physics. And those people who had to write 40 page final papers for the professor who was bull#$%@, we know you worked hard too.

We’re just excited that the places around the kitchen table will be full — at least for a night or two until their friends get home.

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One Response to Doing the Mom thing….

  1. Robin says:

    ow true. We run and slave for them. They make a mess. We make sure everything is perfect for them and then they grace us with their presence for 12 min. We wouldn’t have it any other way! You are right on!


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