The Word Mavens Are Blogging!

Hi everybody. Although we’re boomers, we’ve been on the information superhighway for years. We’ve just avoided the blogging exit ramp. But now, we — The Word Mavens — are widening our platform, streaming our streams of consciousness, and uploading our insights along with millions of other bloggers. Oy, we haven’t even started and already we’re farmisht (adj. Yiddish  A little mixed up and confused).

If you know us, you know we’ll be chatting about the differences between shmendricks and shmeggegges and shnecken and rugelach. We’ll be on the lookout for misuses of Yiddish words, and we’ll share information for bubbies who kiss a punim, interfaith families planning a Bar Mitzvah, and anyone who wants to know more about Jewish traditions.

We’re also working on expanding our word world to other languages and ethnicities. The Word Mavens plan to go multicultural. We want to find out what the grandkids call their Italian bubbe and what’s the Indian equivalent of our eating Chinese food on Sunday night.

We plan to update our blog once a week and we hope you’ll come along for the ride.

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2 Responses to The Word Mavens Are Blogging!

  1. Robin says:

    Smart funny, timely. Your Yiddish flavored humor appeals to everyone. Your unique view on everything from occupations to gefilta fish is hysterical and though provoking. I don’t know where a gefilta fish swims but I’m thinking about it now! Keep writing!!


  2. Stan says:

    Keep writing.Very elaborate and literary web site. Fun to read


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